Website Design and Hosting

Website Design and Hosting
At ConnaughtCT we understand the importance of marketing your business. Website Design and Hosting by ConnaughtCT will ensure your business has a powerful marketing presence on the world wide web.

In this day of technology many things have changed.  They continue to change at an amazingly rapid rate. Not many years ago it was only large corporate entities that had websites.  Not many years before that few knew what the internet was. Today marketing is ALL about the internet and the facilities it offers. It is not only companies but individuals have websites which are their main means of publicising their thoughts and business. Effective Website Design & Hosting is essential for any modern business.

Effective websites:

  • Bring your business closer to your customers
  • Allow customers to get more involved with the services or products you offer
  • Maximise leads and sales
  • Encourage brand awareness and loyalty
  • Generate conversation
  • Allow you to stand out from the competition

Websites are not only a powerful arm of any marketing campaign, they also are the most cost effective way to reach the maximum audience. Whether your website is intended as an expansion to your business card or to be a tool to sell your product, through an online commerce business, it will be the digital face of your company, allowing customers to understand what is on offer and connect with your brand.

So we can supply you with the best possible window on the internet we will consult closely with you to ensure we understand your goals. In addition, we’ll work with you to create a strategy for developing and marketing your website after it goes live. Please don’t forget a website is a bit like a new car – you have to put fuel in it to ensure you can move forward. Unless you continue to work on the site it will become static and get left behind.

Through mutual liaison and effective website design & hosting our objective is to ensure your company has a website that meets your needs, portrays your company to best effect and most importantly, communicates clearly with your customers. The end result is an optimised primary marketing tool for your business, hosted on ultra fast, modern servers in the USA.

For more information about our services contact us for a consultation.